Podcast Episode 5 - Centralized Nurse Triage


Episode 5Episode 5 of the PAC's All Access Pass Podcast is now available!

Elizabeth Woodcock sits down with Greg Addicott, Clinical Triage Nurse Manager at ColumbiaDoctors, Kendra Sutton, Director of Telehealth Nursing at Baylor, Scott & White Health and Laurie O'Bryan, Director of Outpatient Access Center at The University of North Carolina Health to discuss centralized nurse triage. Nurse triage and advice is not novel, as the service has been offered by doctors’ offices for years. Centralizing nurse triage is, however, a new and innovative approach for health systems to ensure a consistent, optimal experience for patients – and most importantly, one that supports the delivery of quality care, particularly essential to access and care transitions. We’ll address key questions such as advice for starting a centralized nurse triage team, keys to maintaining its success, and current challenges for today’s leaders.

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