Industry Partner Showcase: Genesys + Henry Ford Health

Industry Partner Showcase,

We are excited to announce our first Industry Partner Showcase on October 25, 2023. This virtual event will feature our Industry Partners as they discuss, together with a fellow PAC member health system, how they provide a solution for an access challenge within the system. Our goal is to bring together solution experts and the access community for dialogue and discussion that could assist health systems in access improvements. New technologies, best practices, tips, resources, and other information will be highlighted.

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In the weeks leading up to the Industry Partner Showcase, we'll highlight each industry partner and give you a taste of who they are, what they do, and what you'll hear on October 25.

This week, we're excited to spotlight Genesys!

Industry Partner Showcase Genesys

Who They Are

Partnering with Henry Ford Health for the Industry Partner Showcase, Genesys' Cloud CX TM platform provides the data, AI, and predictive capabilities to orchestrate meaningful patient and employee experiences while reducing costs. 

Genesys has helped 100+ healthcare providers in North America transform their practices with self-service, automation, and comprehensive encounters with the healthcare team.

Value Provided to Access Leaders

Providers can ensure an optimal experience through all four stages of a patient journey enabling greater loyalty and trust.

  • Intent: Enhancing the patient experience and optimizing operational efficiency starts from the very first point of contact. Using technologies such as bots and proactive capabilities, seamlessly integrated with EHR systems, you can accurately identify patients' intents, automate inquiry routing, and minimize incoming and repeat calls.
  • Match: After intent is established, match that intent to the right resource at the right time using the right media (e.g., voice, chat, text, video, etc.). With advanced routing and omnichannel support capabilities across all touchpoints, an automated contact center solution not only delivers a more personalized patient experience but also helps reduce repeat callers and channel switching and minimizes wait times for access to care.
  • Serve: An AI-powered solution can revolutionize the patient journey by providing staff with the necessary information to support patients quickly and effectively. This technology can gather and organize essential information like patient needs, practice protocols, scheduling information, etc.
  • Improve: Today, most healthcare systems lack visibility into the patient journey. With a system that leverages event and voice process analytics, you get an infinitely deeper understanding of the patient experience from the first point of contact. By analyzing patient interactions throughout the customer journey, you can quickly and more accurately identify those at risk and ensure that they receive the support they need. This data can also inform future decisions leading to an enhanced patient experience.

Impact on Access

With Genesys Cloud, we have providers who have realized, on average, 30-90 seconds reduced call time and greater patient context to access teams through automated patient identification and validation.

Additionally, 18-22% of routine questions are addressed digitally with the use of a bot such as handling patient balance inquiries.

Genesys Vid

What They'll Talk About

Bringing Value to the Patient Access Experience with Automation

Learn how Henry Ford Health is transforming the Central Billing Office with automation and Genesys Cloud to provide a better overall patient and employee experience and lower costs.  Better authentication methodology as part of the front door transformation delivers a better experience and drives automation.  We anticipate that improved menu design will drive more patients through automation channels to self-serve.


Tara MahoneyTara Mahoney, Global Healthcare Managing Director, Genesys

Tara Mahoney is the Global Healthcare Managing Director at Genesys.  She is passionate about transforming care leveraging operational and technological innovation to meet the needs of patients, members, and care teams.

She is recognized as an industry expert in patient access, patient-member experience, care team coordination and virtual care.  Prior roles include Managing Director of the Healthcare Practice at Avaya, GM of applications at Avaya and GM of Contact Center at Nortel.

Tom EisenmannTom Eisenmann, Director, Access Technology and Experience at Henry Ford Health

Tom is recognized at Henry Ford Health for his contributions and commitment to customer experience within the organization. His passion and commitment to using technology to deliver a better experience are well recognized. 

Before starting his role as Director of Access Technology and experience, Tom worked in our Contact Center, improving all aspects of our Health Care Contact Center Operations, including roles with Quality and Training, Workforce management, technology, and leadership teams.

Additionally, Tom has spent time working in our Primary Care Locations and has a keen understanding of Ambulatory Operations and Revenue Cycle Operations.

He is a Graduate of Murray State University and an expert in LEAN performance improvement, Tom is often thought to lead large-scale transformational change projects and is currently helping lead our Front Door Transformation program.

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