Industry Partner Showcase: Gozio Health + University of Miami Health System

Industry Partner Showcase,

We are excited to announce our first Industry Partner Showcase on October 25, 2023. This virtual event will feature our Industry Partners as they discuss, together with a fellow PAC member health system, how they provide a solution for an access challenge within the system. Our goal is to bring together solution experts and the access community for dialogue and discussion that could assist health systems in access improvements. New technologies, best practices, tips, resources, and other information will be highlighted.

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In the weeks leading up to the Industry Partner Showcase, we'll highlight each industry partner and give you a taste of who they are, what they do, and what you'll hear on October 25.

This week, we're excited to spotlight Gozio Health!

Industry Partner Showcase Gozio

Who They Are

Partnering with University of Miami Health System for the Industry Partner Showcase, Gozio Health works with health systems to increase consumer engagement using a proven mobile platform and strategy. The entire healthcare journey–both in-person and digital–is improved by giving systems the flexibility to consolidate all their patient-facing digital solutions into one premium native mobile experience accessible by anyone, anywhere. Combined with Gozio’s patented indoor positioning technology, the platform empowers consumers to confidently navigate their healthcare journey and enables health systems to more effectively achieve their business goals.

Value to Access Leaders

Access leaders are facing an unprecedented challenge–high staff turnover in jobs like call centers and front desk while trying to increase appointments and drive revenue. This challenge is further complicated by patient experience expectations:

  • Most patients want to manage their healthcare through a single platform.
  • Over 90% of patients don’t feel obligated to stay with a provider that doesn’t offer a satisfactory digital experience.
  • ⅔ of patients want an experience in healthcare that mirrors the experience they have in other areas of their digital lives

Gozio helps address these challenges and meet these expectations by putting all patient-facing digital tools into a premium mobile experience. A single branded mobile platform allows a health system to offer a seamless experience from finding care to scheduling to reminders to navigating to the appointment and scheduling follow-up. It puts the healthcare journey in the palm of a patient’s hand.

Impact on Access

The Gozio platform can help increase appointment scheduling across both new and existing patients, as seen by one system that experienced:

  • A conversion rate from click to fulfillment of appointment at 30%
  • A significant increase in new patients using online scheduling, with 39% of patients scheduling through mobile being new.
  • 67% of patients scheduling online were commercially insured.

The high reuse rate among Gozio clients is also a good indicator of access improvement. On average, Gozio clients have a reuse rate of over 70%. That is, patients coming back and using the branded app repeatedly for scheduling, wayfinding, portal access, and more. The more patients use the app, the fewer calls for these services are made to the call center. Scheduling and directions are the two most common call center calls. Reducing revenue leakage and call center volume can have a big impact on the bottom line.

What They'll Talk About

University of Miami Streamlines Digital Front Door with Mobile

New research shows that patients want to manage their healthcare through a single platform. Historically, that has been a challenge. Patient portals provide some needed features, while others have been provided through different platforms. It’s been hard to deliver a single experience for every step of the patient journey. Today, Gozio offers a platform that enables one seamless experience with access to all the patient-facing digital tools. Find out how the University of Miami is building on that platform to create a single digital front door that will give patients access to the tools they need to manage their entire healthcare experience.


Lea ChathamLea Chatham, Vice President of Marketing, Gozio Health

Lea Chatham is an award-winning marketer who serves as the Vice President of Marketing for Gozio Health. For over twenty years, she has developed educational content for leading Health IT companies to help provider organizations increase profitability and efficiency. Prior to joining Gozio, she served in management roles at Innsena Communications, Solutionreach, and Kareo. She draws on her additional years of experience leading marketing and patient engagement at a small integrated health system. Lea often shares her insights at industry events and in healthcare publications.

Mohamed SalemMohamed Salem, Executive Director, IT Digital Innovation, University of Miami Health System

Mohamed Salem is the Executive Director, IT Digital Innovation, at University of Miami Health System. Responsible for a portfolio of applications that facilitate access to information, education, and entertainment to empower patients and enhance their experience, along with digital applications and tools for clinicians, internal staff, and faculty.


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