Industry Partner Showcase: Kloud 7 + University of South Alabama Health

Industry Partner Showcase,

We are excited to announce our first Industry Partner Showcase on October 25, 2023. This virtual event will feature our Industry Partners as they discuss, together with a fellow PAC member health system, how they provide a solution for an access challenge within the system. Our goal is to bring together solution experts and the access community for dialogue and discussion that could assist health systems in access improvements. New technologies, best practices, tips, resources, and other information will be highlighted.

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In the weeks leading up to the Industry Partner Showcase, we'll highlight each industry partner and give you a taste of who they are, what they do, and what you'll hear on October 25.

This week, we're excited to spotlight Kloud 7!

Industry Partner Showcase Kloud 7

Who They Are

Partnering with University of South Alabama Health (USA Health) for the Industry Partner Showcase, Kloud 7 offers a comprehensive suite of business communication services specialized for different businesses. Their product range includes an omnichannel contact center (Email, SMS, Web Chat, and Phone Calling) integrated with call analytics and AI-powered Call Recording. By optimizing call center operations and analyzing call data, Kloud 7 facilitates better customer outcomes for businesses. Their services extend from business phones to cloud-hosted phone systems, equipped with advanced features like analytics and recordings. Furthermore, Kloud 7 offers proactive support and operational monitoring to resolve issues before they affect the customer, ensuring optimal use of our solutions and keeping you updated with the latest technology trends.

Value to Access Leaders

Kloud 7 delivers significant value to access leaders by revolutionizing their healthcare communication strategies. We employ our expertise in telecommunications and call analytics to identify and rectify issues in existing communication frameworks. By enhancing access to care, our solutions ensure a smoother, more efficient patient journey. This not only helps to prevent missed or delayed diagnoses and improve patient flow but also helps to reduce healthcare costs. Therefore, by implementing Kloud 7's communication strategies, access leaders can assure high-quality healthcare and a positive patient experience.

Impact on Access

USA Health partnered with Kloud 7 as they identified a need to augment patient satisfaction and health outcomes by simplifying access to their care services. The problem lay in managing a high volume of calls, resulting in call abandonment. In addition, certain team members were not efficiently sharing the workload or delivering adequate service, which complicated the situation. These challenges severely impacted patients' ease of access to the healthcare system.

To tackle the above problems, Kloud 7, employed specialized telephony solutions, integrated call analytics, call recording, and a soft-phone app within the contact center to identify and address bottlenecks. Additionally, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integrated Call Recording Solution facilitated the detection of emotions and keywords during calls. We also introduced an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system to cut down on call answering time.

Upon implementing Kloud 7's services, USA Health set key performance indicators to evaluate their efficiency. With advanced analytics, they gained insights into call traffic and handling times, enabling them to optimize staffing and protocols, thereby streamlining patient access. For instance, the average call time dropped from 5-6 minutes to just 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Moreover, the answer time was reduced to as low as 30 seconds. They also established a specialized referral line, enhancing the referral process's speed and ease. Kloud 7's call analytics service provided comprehensive insights, including a detailed lost contact report, allowing the team to reach out promptly to missed contacts. Consequently, they achieved an abandonment rate of 8%, matching industry standards, thereby providing exceptional customer service and ensuring no call went unanswered.

Kloud7 Case Study

What They'll Talk About

Transforming Healthcare Communications: Kloud7's Impact on USAHealth's Customer Engagement

This presentation delves into how Kloud7's advanced solutions can transform communications in healthcare settings, from ambulatory care, to clinics to contact centers. These solutions have enabled USAHealth to significantly expand its customer base and improve engagement. Key highlights include the implementation of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to optimize workforce management, Call Recording and Monitoring for quality assurance, Real-time Analytics for data-driven decisions, and Remote and Hybrid Work Support. Kloud7's technology has not only improved agent efficiency but also ensured accountability, heightened customer satisfaction, and facilitated remote work, marking a significant step forward in healthcare communications.


Nick SegersNick Segers, Chief Technology Officer, Kloud 7

Nick Segers is an alumnus of the University of South Alabama, holding a Masters Degree in Computer and Information Systems. For the past 10 years, he has been the driving force behind Kloud 7's technological advancements in his role as Chief Technology Officer. Nick's dedication and expertise have played a pivotal role in shaping the company's success and technological innovation.


Michael BarlowMichael Barlow, Care Access Team Leader, USA Health

Michael Barlow is currently a Care Access Team Leader for USA Health System in Mobile, Alabama. He is a graduate of the University of South Alabama with over 30 years of experience with hospital and medical group operations, including primary and multi-specialty care, patient access, and home medical services. He currently works to grow and manage the health system’s centralized referral management initiatives, promoting superior provider relations and customer service.

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