Industry Partner Showcase: Luma Health + UAMS

Industry Partner Showcase,

We are excited to announce our first Industry Partner Showcase on October 25, 2023. This virtual event will feature our Industry Partners as they discuss, together with a fellow PAC member health system, how they provide a solution for an access challenge within the system. Our goal is to bring together solution experts and the access community for dialogue and discussion that could assist health systems in access improvements. New technologies, best practices, tips, resources, and other information will be highlighted.

In the weeks leading up to the Industry Partner Showcase, we'll highlight each industry partner and give you a taste of who they are, what they do, and what you'll hear on October 25.

This week, we're excited to spotlight Luma Health!

Industry Partner Showcase Luma

Who They Are

Partnering with University of Arkansas Medical Sciences for the Industry Partner Showcase, Luma's Patient Success Platform provides the end-to-end proactive next steps, EHR-integrated self-service options, and staff visibility needed to guide patients along their care journeys without requiring unnecessary manual work and data entry from busy staff. Patients can receive communication tailored to their diagnosis, care gaps, upcoming appointment, or provider in their preferred language, without needing to log in to a portal or app. They can schedule and cancel/reschedule appointments, get directions or request a prescription refill, complete pre-visit paperwork, pay copays, check in, and manage post-visit follow-ups when and how it’s convenient, without digital dead ends or waiting for clinic hours. 

The platform automates and orchestrates more complex journeys, including attributed and referred patient outreach and self-scheduling, recalls for care gaps and chronic care management, specialty visit preparation and clinical forms, and more.

Value to Access Leaders

Luma allows access leaders to craft workflows and experiences that fit their needs and patient populations – ultimately helping them keep a full schedule, provide a better experience for patients and staff, and keep patients coming back. Text-first workflows are designed to work with existing access initiatives (e.g., by driving patients to sign up for/engage with the patient portal) and to reach patients no matter what language they speak, where they are in their journey, or what communication channel they prefer.

Impact on Access

Luma's actionable rescheduling and waitlist, integrated with the EHR, help keep patients on the schedule and fill holes in the schedule, without additional phone calls or manual work from staff. Patients can easily cancel the time that no longer works for them and select a new time, as well as sign up for sooner appointment offers -- all via multilingual, NLP-enabled text message. Luma customers see up to 95% of open schedule slots filled with this workflow. 

Additionally, Luma's Digital Call Deflection helps patients get what they need without waiting on hold, if desired. Patients can be presented the option to switch to self-service text message while they're waiting on hold, and from that message they can take actions such as rescheduling an appointment or requesting a prescription refill. Luma customers have seen more than 25% of inbound calls switched to text message with this workflow. 

Platform Overview Bedrock Ebook

Luma Health Patient Success Platform Overview Luma Health Bedrock ebook

What They'll Talk About

Boardroom Buy-In: Accelerating Meaningful Change to Improve Patient Success

When a proposed initiative has the potential to meaningfully improve patient access, how do you ensure it gets the internal buy-in to be successful? In partnership with Luma Health, Michelle Hanrahan, Chief Clinical Access Officer and Assistant Vice Chancellor of Access at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, will share her strategies for getting initiatives like patient self-rescheduling over the finish line.


Suzanne Jones
Suzanne Jones, Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Luma Health

Suzanne has more than two decades of experience in the healthcare industry, working directly with healthcare leaders to ensure their success. She works closely with UAMS to accomplish their strategic goals. Suzanne lives in Nashville with her husband and children.


Michelle Winfield-HanrahanMichelle Winfield- Hanrahan RN BSN MHA MSN, Chief Clinical Access Officer and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Access, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Michelle is a skilled operations and clinical leader with extensive experience driving results for programs in large healthcare systems, and the ability to strategically plan and tactically implement projects to grow business, while also improving systems and enhancing the patient experience. Michelle obtained her associate degree in science and nursing from Lakeland Community College in 1996, and has been a Registered Nurse for 27 years.  She obtained her BSN and MHA from Ohio University and completed her MSN at Capella University. 

Michelle’s clinical background was concentrated in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. The majority of her years were spent at the Cleveland Clinic where she held a multitude of roles, Enterprise Wide Stroke Program Director, Clinical Nurse Manager, Cleveland Clinic Main Campus Orthopaedic and Rheumatological Institute, and as Staff RN in Ambulatory Surgery, the Emergency Department, and in Cardiothoracic Stepdown, and Pre-& Post Cardiac Surgery.  In 2012, during her time at Cleveland Clinic Michelle was asked to lead the creation of a Patient Access Consultancy Company, RelateCare which started as a joint venture between the Cleveland Clinic and an Irish company, Rigney Dolphin.  Michelle took a role as a Clinical Operations Executive and worked with multiple healthcare organizations within the US and UK focusing heavily on access and patient flow.

Prior to her current role at UAMS, Michelle was the Assistant Vice President of Access at Wellstar Health System in Atlanta, GA where she created a centralized clinical command center focusing on patient flow, care management and access.  Michelle started at UAMS in February of 2021 as Chief Clinical Access Officer and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Access, where she is responsible for patient access in all ambulatory clinics, inpatient transfers, all call center operations, and the newly created Clinical Command Center focusing on patient flow within UAMS.

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