Member Spotlight: Bonnie Minnillo

Member Spotlight,

This month the Member Spotlight is on Bonnie Minnillo, Direct of Operations - System Radiology Scheduling at UCHealth. Learn more about Bonnie below. Want to be a part of our PAC Member Spotlight? Fill out the form here or click here and e-mail completed form to

How long have you been a member of the Patient Access Collaborative?: A little over a year. 

What do you like about being a member?: I really enjoy the ability to connect and collaborate with other members on best practice. It's helpful to share our experiences and learn from other's experiences to continue to improve patient access for all.

How has your career benefited from being a member?: I have begun making connections with other organizations and individuals who also have a passion for patient access, especially radiology. I sometimes find it very hard to find those with a specific passion for radiology, but with this group, I have found my people!

What tips or advice would you give new members?: Stay connected and use the resources. Join a cohort! Cohorts are more intimate, and you can really connect with others. 

What do you love most about your job?: I love having an impact on so many people. The things I do every day not only affect our patients, but also our staff. I always strive to be a great leader and advocate for my team and our patients.

What meaningful project are you working on right now?: We are working on full centralization of radiology scheduling for over 15 hospitals and over 30 standalone or clinic facilities. By doing this, we are truly improving access for all of our patients within in our system and providing them with excellent and consistent care.

What career advice do you live by?: Don't focus on moving up and moving towards the next best thing. Truly live in the moment and work hard. Do good, honest work and you will be rewarded with opportunity.

Where are you from?  Where did you go to school?: Colorado, Bachelor's Degree from UCCS, Master's Degree from CSU.

What are your hobbies?: Love spending time with my family and my 4 year old and 1 year old. Baking and I am obsessed with legos! We have spent way too many hours to count building.

Where is your favorite place you've travelled?: Maui

What is a fun fact that people probably don’t know about you? I am a first generation college graduate!

Who inspires you and why?: My mom inspires me. She was a single mom who worked so hard to provide for me and my brother. Seeing her work hard and provide for us has helped instill a strong work ethic and belief that we can all achieve great things if we put our minds to it!