Member Spotlight: Gregory Addicott, BSN, RN, CCRN

Member Spotlight,

This month the Member Spotlight is on Gregory Addicott, BSN, RN, CCRN, Clinical Triage Manager, Patient Access Center at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Learn more about Gregory below. Want to be a part of our PAC Member Spotlight? Fill out the form here or click here and email completed form to

How long have you been a member of the Patient Access Collaborative?:  1 year         

What do you like about being a member?: The constant exchange of information and collaboration across the best of the best organizations. This forum is key in identifying what are best practices and lessons learned regarding all things Patient Access.

How has your career benefited from being a member?: Connecting with colleagues across the nation that are full of diverse experience and extensive knowledge. These relationships have really informed a lot of the growth of the Triage team at my organization. Their partnership has been key to our program's success.

What tips or advice would you give new members?: If you have a question or are exploring a new idea for your program, send the email- to anyone! Be open to learning from others. Nurse Triage, in the context of patient access, is relatively novel, and there is so much opportunity for these teams.

What do you love most about your job?: The endless opportunity. Nurses have such a large scope, and it's exciting to now apply that scope to patient access.

What meaningful project are you working on right now?: Honestly- just growing our team. We are onboarding so many practices, including specialties, and I look forward to seeing where this team will be in another year. In the past year since our go-live, we have completed our primary care roll-out and taken on one specialty with great success. This would not be possible without having the right team members and leadership to coach you.

What career advice do you live by?: Always recognize your team for their hard work- even the small day-to-day moments. We live in a society that values productivity and results but remember, check in with your team as people first, then as employees.

Where are you from?  Where did you go to school?: I am from Ithaca, New York, where I attended Ithaca College and graduated with a BS in Public and Community Health in 2014. I completed an Accelerated BSN from SUNY Downstate Medical Center in 2017.

What are your hobbies?: Volleyball, Broadway, Cooking, hanging with my pup, Augie :)

Where is your favorite place you've traveled?: Mykonos, Greece & Newport, RI

What’s a fun fact that people probably don’t know about you?: I competed against Usain Bolt (fastest man in the world) in high's safe to say that I a lot.          

Who inspires you and why?: My fiancé, Chris- cheesy, I know, but I have never met someone who is more driven and intentional with everything they do. Relationships- both personal and professional and the project he is working on. Every email I send, I always start with, "How would Chris respond to this?"