Member Spotlight: Janice Finder

Member Spotlight,

This month the Member Spotlight is on Janice Finder, Executive Director, askMDAnderson at University of Texas MDAnderson Hospital. Learn more about Janice below. Want to be a part of our PAC Member Spotlight? Fill out the form here or click here and email completed form to

How long have you been a member of the Patient Access Collaborative?:
4 years 

What do you like about being a member?:
Hearing how others have solved an issue.

How has your career benefited from being a member?:
new insights and solutions to opportunities

What tips or advice would you give new members?:
start reading what others contribute

What do you love most about your job?:
ability to help patients and their families with cancer care

What meaningful project are you working on right now?:
Better Access for our Referring Providers            

What career advice do you live by?:
listen / intentional listening            

What are your hobbies?:
hiking, movies, spending time with family and friends

Where is your favorite place you've travelled?:
Camino De Santiago

What's a fun fact that people probably don't know about you?:
ran 25 marathons

Who inspires you and why?:
Dalai Lama