PAC's All Acces Pass Podcast: November Episodes


Episode 8, 9, and 10 of the PAC's All Access Pass Podcast is now available!

New! Episode 10: November 30 - Ambulatory Access

Adrin Mammen, VP  Chief of Ambulatory Patient Access at Mount Sinai Doctors Faculty Practice is on a mission to make Patient Access better and to stop no-shows! Join Elizabeth Woodcock as she sits down with Adrin to discuss what exactly is Ambulatory Access, its challenges and the impact of new and innovative ways to approach care.

New! Episode 9: November 16 - The Intersection of Access and Equity

Everyone should have a fair and just opportunity to receive healthcare, but unfortunately, there is institutional inequality in ambulatory access. Elizabeth Woodcock sits down with the co-leaders of the Patient Access Collaborative's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Cohort to discuss the complex intersection of access and equity.

Our guests are Nick Mah, Interim Senior Director, Access & Innovation, UW Medicine; Dr. Ryzell McKinney, Director, Access Technology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center; and Pravina Mason, Director of Patient Access Contact Center, Cedars-Sinai.

Episode 8: November 2 - Clinical Capacity Planning: The Value of Engaging the Access Leader
Matching provider resources to patient demand is a tricky equation to balance. How do you achieve equilibrium when the supply is fixed, the demand is hard to measure, and the price doesn't adjust? This is the challenge access leaders face when trying to manage clinic capacity - no easy task! Join Melanie Cassamas, Senior Director of Ambulatory Capacity Management, Massachusetts General Hospital; Paul Roher, Director of Access, University of Colorado School of Medicine; and Rebecca Caret, Administrative Director of Patient Journey Optimization, Stanford Health, as they discuss this topic.

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