PAC's All Access Pass Podcast: Episode 13 - Embracing Failure


Episode 13 of the PAC's All Access Pass Podcast is now available! 

Getting a doctor’s appointment is undoubtedly difficult. To unpack the challenges that got us to this point – and pivot to improvement, we sat down with the nation’s leading expert on failure, Dr. Amy Edmondson.

Dr. Edmondson is the Harvard Business School professor and author of the recently released book, The Right Kind of Wrong, The Science of Failing Well. 

Link to Amy's book:

Long-time Patient Access Collaborative member, Victor Hassid, MD, the Executive Medical Director of Access Strategic Operations and an Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery at MD Anderson Cancer Center, joins Elizabeth Woodcock and Amy to discuss the importance of psychological safety in patient access. Join us to discover how to nurture a culture that favors learning over knowing.

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