Welcome New Industry Partners

Industry Partner,

We are excited to announce two new industry partners to the Patient Access Collaborative: Abax Health and Gozio Health! Read more about them below.

Abax Health

Abax Health’s AI powered clinical analytics and patient engagement platform, Clarity, is dedicated to ensuring every patient receives the care they need, when they need it, and that the health system realizes the revenue related to all of their missed procedures. Clarity uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify when a patient has a “missed referral” for a procedure and ensures that the procedure gets scheduled.  The platform analyzes millions of patient records to find missed referrals, quantifies the financial impact of the missed procedures, and then our concierge team of outreach specialists get to work reminding the patient of the procedure, educating the patient on its necessity, and then conducting all of the administrative scheduling and financial clearance steps (Patient Access functions) involved in getting that patient scheduled for the appointment. Visit their website.

Gozio Health

Gozio Health partners with health systems to increase consumer engagement using a proven mobile platform and strategy. The entire healthcare journey–both in-person and digital–is improved by giving systems the flexibility to consolidate all their patient-facing digital solutions into one premium native mobile experience accessible by anyone, anywhere. Combined with Gozio’s patented indoor positioning technology, the platform empowers consumers to confidently navigate their healthcare journey and enables health systems to more effectively achieve their business goals. Gozio customers surveyed in a 2021 KLAS Research Emerging Technology Spotlight report found 100% satisfaction. For more information,watch this video or visit www.goziohealth.com.

Our Industry Partner program helps increase your company's visibility and build and strengthen relationships with those who are interested.  Our members are top leaders from health care systems across the nation who have unique business needs. If you're interested in learning more about our Industry Partner program, please inquire HERE.