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Access Medical Directors Training Series

Access Medical Directors Training Series

Welcome to the Access Medical Director Training Series! Our training series combines virtual sessions about key topics in access organized in four modules; access to a library of select resources aligned with the modules; and an invitation to our “insider perspective” monthly networking and knowledge transfer virtual meetings.


Modules - Each module includes content from experienced PAC members about key aspects of access. These sessions were recorded exclusively for trainees. They will be available to you throughout the session so that you can watch at your convenience.

Module 1: Introduction to Access
Module 2: Contact Center Management
Module 3:  Capacity Management
Module 4: Leadership and Culture

Module 1 – Introduction to Access 

Access in the Ambulatory Enterprise (35 minutes)
Speaker: Elizabeth Woodcock, DrPH, MBA, FACMPE, CPC Founder and Executive Director, Patient Access Collaborative

A Day In The Life of an Access Director (10 Minutes)
Speaker: Lori Bruelheide, MBA, Director Patient Access, University of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc.

A Day in the Life of a Scheduling Agent (5 Minutes)
Speakers: Emory Personnel

Case Study: The TCH Access Journey (20 Minutes)
Speakers: Carrie Rys, MBA, Assistant Vice President, Pediatrics and Grace Karon, BS, Assistant Director, Business Operations and Strategic Planning, Texas Children's Hospital

Take a Deep Dive into Access: A Neurology Case (17 Minutes)
Speaker: Amit Sachdev, MD, Associate Chief Medical Officer, Assistant Professor, Medical Director, Division of Neuromuscular Medicine, MSU Health Care

Module 2 – Contact Center Management:

Contact Center Staffing (13 minutes)
Speaker: Tracy Cocco, Director of Operations, Patient Line, UC Health

Contact Center Metrics (15 Minutes)
Speaker: Rena Thompson, Director, Call Center Operations, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Quality and Training in the Call Center (8 Minutes)
Speaker: Paula Sutton, Quality & Training Manager, Medical University of South Carolina Health

Improvement and Innovation Opportunities in the Contact Center (15 Minutes)
Speakers: Ami Shumway, Director of Operations, Access Center, Loma Linda University Health and Aramis Cherrington, Assistant Vice President, Patient Access Services, Loma Linda University Health

Module 3 – Capacity Management

Capacity Management at Mass General Brigham (38 minutes)
Speaker: Melanie Cassamas, Senior Director, Ambulatory Services & Capacity Management, and Bill Guptill, Director of Ambulatory Capacity Management, MGH/Brigham and Women's

Analytics in Access (13 Minutes)
Speaker: Lisa Shenouda, Data Analytics Manager, Rush University Medical Center

Building an Effective Access Strategy for Referring Providers (20 Minutes)
Speaker: Kristin Sexton, RN BSN, Director, Referring Physician Office, Henry Ford Health System

Capacity Management and Template Management (11 Minutes)
Speaker: Leslie Hotzapple, Director, Capacity Management, Geisinger

Referral Management (12 Minutes)
Speaker: Michael Kahn, MBA, Operations Manager, Central Appointment Office, Mayo Clinic

Module 4 – Leadership and Culture

Leadership and Culture (16 minutes)
Speaker: Anita Ying, MD, Vice President Ambulatory Medical Operations, Office of the Chief Operating Officer, Associate Professor, Department of Endocrine Neoplasia and Hormonal Disorders, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Best Practices in the Access Medical Director and Administrator Dyad Relationship (25 minutes)Speakers: Ann Blanchard, RN, BSN, Director of Patient Access and Capacity Management, Access Innovations, Nebraska Medicine; and Sonja Kinney, MD, (former) Associate Professor; Department of Ob/Gyn and Medical Director for Access, Nebraska Medicine; (current) Medical Director, Chemed

Access and Culture for Physician Leaders (12 Minutes)

Speaker: Dan Gregg, MHA, Chief Access Officer, USF Health


We cultivated a library of existing resources to enhance your knowledge.  The resources are organized in alignment with the main four modules, and include recorded sessions, documents (e.g., job descriptions), and benchmarking data.


Please join us for our monthly networking and knowledge transfer discussion sessions led by experienced Access Medical Directors.  The aim of the sessions is to provide a forum to discuss current issues in patient access, call center management, capacity management, and other essential topics.

Sessions will be held one Friday each month at 2:00PM EST.  You will have access to these sessions throughout the year. Once you register, we will send the calendar invite and the ZOOM; Attendance is optional.


The registration fee for the series is $499. The fee will be invoiced upon registration and you will receive a confirmation email. The training begins once payment is received.

Questions? Email us at or call 404.272.2274 (ask for Elizabeth). 

*The course is unlocked when payment is received. Course fee is per learner. 

 Standards of Conduct

1. Respectful and Inclusive Language: All members should use respectful and inclusive language during 
interactions, presentations, and discussions. Offensive, discriminatory, or harassing language, including 
but not limited to language based on race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or religion, is strictly 

2. Professionalism: Members should conduct themselves professionally. This includes treating others with 
courtesy and respect, refraining from disruptive behavior, and adhering to schedules and guidelines. 

3. Non-Discrimination: Discrimination in any form is unacceptable. Members should not engage in 
discriminatory behavior or make derogatory remarks based on characteristics such as race, ethnicity, 
gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or any other protected category. Please report any 
offenses or concerns directly to Elizabeth Woodcock (Executive Director, Patient Access Collaborative)   
regarding any questions or concerns.  

4. Harassment Prevention: Harassment, including but not limited to sexual harassment, is strictly 
prohibited. Members should not engage in unwelcome advances, offensive comments, physical contact 
without consent, or any other behavior that creates a hostile or uncomfortable environment for others. 

5. Inclusivity and Diversity: Members should strive to create an inclusive and diverse environment that 
welcomes individuals from all backgrounds. Respect for diverse perspectives, experiences, and opinions 
is encouraged, promoting an atmosphere of open dialogue and collaboration. 

6. Intellectual Property Rights: Members should respect intellectual property rights and refrain from using 
or sharing copyrighted material without appropriate authorization or permission. 

7. Compliance with Laws and Regulations: Members should adhere to all applicable laws and regulations, 
including those related to intellectual property, data protection, privacy, and anti-discrimination. 

8. Safety and Security: Members should prioritize the safety and security of themselves and others. They 
should report any suspicious or concerning behavior to the Patient Access Collaborative (see above for 
contact information) or appropriate authorities, as necessary. 

9. Responsible Use of Technology: Members should use technology responsibly and refrain from engaging 
in activities that may disrupt or compromise the privacy and security of other members. 

10. Feedback and Constructive Criticism: Members are encouraged to provide feedback and constructive 
criticism in a respectful and professional manner. This helps create an environment for improvement 
and growth while fostering collaboration and learning. 

11. Teamwork: Members foster a collaborative environment by working well with other members, sharing 
knowledge, and providing support as needed. Members avoid engaging in conflicts or disruptive 
These standards of conduct aim to ensure a positive and inclusive experience for all Patient Access Collaborative 
members. Violation of these standards may result in appropriate action, including warnings, expulsion from the 
Collaborative, and/or legal consequences, depending on the severity of the offense and applicable laws. 
If you have experienced or witnessed a violation to the PAC's Standards of Conduct, please report it here 

Member Price: $499
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